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Treenaa omin päin tai liiku ryhmässä. Meillä voit valita itsellesi parhaan tavan hoitaa kehoasi ilman hikoilua sopimuspakoista tai liittymismaksuista.
Osta treeniaikaa Varaa ryhmäliikuntatunti

Contract terms and conditions

Item 1 applies to customers with direct debit contracts. It does not apply to monthly cards or single visits.

  1. The e-invoicing membership is an ongoing contract with one (1) calender month’s notice. The membership is always personal. Persons under 18 must have a legal guardian sign the contract on their behalf. The guardian is responsible for the dependent’s membership payments and for making sure that, at the gym, the dependent acts appropriately and in compliance with the terms and conditions of this contract.
  2. You will receive an e-invoice for the services provided by Fit Tammisto through your online banking service approximately 14 days before the due date of the invoice, which is the date on which the invoiced sum will be paid from your account.
  3. It is important that you pay the invoice by the due date at the latest because your card will no longer function when seven (7) days have passed after the due date. The card will be reactivated with a delay of 2–3 days after you have paid the invoice.
  4. Not paying your invoice, terminating e-invoicing through your bank or not visiting the fitness centre do not constitute a termination of the contract.
  5. Member cancellation must always be carried out by email: info@fit-tammisto.fi or at reception.
  6. During Fit Tammisto campaing offers, you must take at least 1 normal price 4 week billing
  7. From break you cannot cancel membership. Membership cancel time from break is 1 month
  8. The customer uses the gym and group training services at their own responsibility. This applies to the gym area, group training areas and other public areas at the fitness centre, including the changing rooms and shower facilities.The customer must ensure that the child is doing well in the children’s park and supervising their own child. Children are not allowed to run freely in the fitness center. We comply with TUKES safety regulations.
  9. No reimbursement for the gym/group training payments is made for illnesses. Not using the membership does not qualify the member for a reimbursement or constitute a contract termination.
  10. Members are notified of any price increases two (1) month before the effective date of the new price list, after which the price increase will take effect automatically.
  11. The termination of the membership will become effective only once the contract terms, notice period, invoicing/pending payments and other related issues have been reviewed and taken care of. The customer must present their identification upon request. Failing to make payments does not constitute a termination of the contract. The above-mentioned termination procedure must be followed.
  12. The fitness centre’s members have the right to bring a friend to the gym free of charge. The guest must always fill in a guest card and register at the customer service point. The same guest may only be brought to the gym free of charge once. If the guest wants to use the gym facilities again, they must pay for the guest visit fee defined in the price list of the time in question.The member is responsible for making sure that his/her guest abides by the fitness centre’s rules. If a member lets in persons that do not have a valid membership without the permission from the customer service, or member behaves inappropriate, the member is responsible for paying the price of five times the amount of 4 week price per each unauthorised visit.
  13. The access card is always personal. A member must always have their access card with them when arriving to the fitness centre. A member must present their identification upon request. The fee of renewing a lost access card is defined in the price list of the time in question. If a member loses their access card, they must immediately inform a staff member of the fitness centre. If the access card is used by an external person and the member has not reported the loss of the card to the fitness centre in writing, a written warning will be issued and the member is responsible for paying the price the amount of a single gym visit per each unauthorised visit, Fit Tammisto is not responsile if different person uses vending machine with your card if you are not informed lost to Fit Tammisto.If the same offence recurs, the membership may be fully terminated. In this case, any payments that have already been made will not be reimbursed.
  14. The fitness centre is responsible for informing its members of any changes in the value added tax or any changes in prices caused by other actions taken by authorities no later than one (1) month before applying the changes to the prices paid by the members.
  15. With delayed payments, the fitness centre has the right to charge a penalty interest and reminder fees in accordance with the Interest Act. If an invoice must be sent to collection, the customer is responsible for any collection charges. If a member fails to make the payments defined in the contract, the membership may be terminated with immediate effect. If the membership has lasted for less than the defined fixed-term period, the member is responsible for making payments for the rest of the fixed-term contract period that shall be due and payable at once from the moment of terminating the contract, including the amount corresponding the retail price of any membership gifts.
  16. Members have the right to refuse any membership gifts.
  17. In company agreements, the contracting parties are Fit Tammisto Kuntokeskus (Scandinavian Wellness Group Oy) and the member as a private person. The company is responsible for paying a share of the membership, as specified in the contract. If the member leaves the company or the company stops making the payments specified in the contract, the member has the ultimate responsibility for making the payments and for any possible fees accrued as a result of failing to make the payments specified under item 11. We maintain a customer register. We process personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union. The General Data Protection Regulation will be supplemented and expanded with the national legislation. The fitness centre’s privacy statement is published on our website and available at the fitness centre upon request.
  18. The fitness centre is not responsible for any valuables brought to the gym by the customers.
  19. No compensation will be granted due to the forced closure of gyms by the Finnish Government.

You are warmly welcome to Fit-Kuntokeskus. Congratulations on your healthy choice!

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